Your Story Matters

They say that when a person passes away the world loses a library's worth of wisdom and knowledge. I'm on a mission to save as much of that wisdom and knowledge as I can. 

My name is Jordan Fennell. I work with people to turn their ideas and stories into publishable books.  


A book is a huge undertaking. That's why most books remain unfinished -- and plenty of them could have made a real difference in the world. The people who hire me either don't have the time or the training to write their books on their own, so that's where I come in. .  


Maybe you've lived an interesting life and you have important lessons to share. Maybe you're a religious person and you want to tell the world how good God has been to you. Perhaps you're a business person and you want to share the ups and downs of building a successful company. Maybe you want to leave a record of your life for your children and grandchildren. Maybe you want to record the history of a church, club, or other organization you hold dear.  


If you're interested in telling your story, let's talk. It would be a shame to lose your wisdom and knowledge.