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Ghostwriting: Business Related

Are you a busy professional, business owner, or public speaker who wants to gain credibility and authority in your industry by having your own book? Do you want to tell the story of a club or organization to which you belong? 

Either way, this service is perfect for you!

    How Does It Work? 



    We start with a series of interviews by phone or in person and use these interviews to create a general outline for your book, making sure your book will follow the structures that readers and publishers look for. We'll also make sure to set a word count target to help your book get published. You'll get to approve this outline before the next step.


    Using the outline and interviews, I write the content of the book in installments. With each installment, you help to make sure the story is moving in the way you want, and that the style is similar to what you would say if you had written the book on your own. You get to approve each of these installments before we move to the next one.


    Once the writing is done, I go back through the book, making sure to edit everything to your specifications including grammatical and continuity errors, as well as cutting unnecessary content to help the book "flow" better. You'll get to approve all these edits. 

    That's it!


    Your book is done in much less time and effort than it would have taken you to do it all on your own. 

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